Keep flying pests off your precious pet with Vet's Best Mosquito Repellent for Dogs & Cats. This unique blend of lemongrass and geraniol oil work together to repel mosquitoes naturally and safely. For over 30 years, Vet’s Best has offered natural alternatives to traditional chemicals by blending plant-based ingredients that work together to comfort and protect your pet. This DEET-free spray has been tested and proven effective at repelling mosquitoes and can be used directly on dogs and cats 12 weeks or older for non-toxic protection. Keep your four-legged friends bite-free on all of your outdoor adventures with this easy-to-apply mosquito repellent.

Key Benefits

  • Unique plant-based formula includes certified natural lemongrass and geraniol oils to repel mosquitoes.
  • Gentle but effective spray can be used directly on dogs and cats 12 weeks or older and people 2 years or older.
  • Can be sprayed in any direction, even upside down, and is safe to reapply every two hours as needed.
  • Leaves a pleasant smell and doesn’t contain any added fragrances which can bother your pet.
  • Proudly made in the USA from high-quality plant-based ingredients and certified natural essential oils.


Keep out of the reach of children.

Important Information

Fleas rise to the top of your pet's coat as they die, so consider it a triumph if you start seeing more fleas at first, after treating your pet. If you’re still seeing fleas after application, it may be because your pet has picked up new fleas from the environment, which may include other pets, surfaces and outdoor areas. It may take up to 30 days to break the entire flea life cycle. Additionally, you should also treat sources of new fleas (i.e., carpet, yard, etc.) to ensure complete flea control.

Vets Best Mosquito Repellent