Brown's Tropical Carnival Hamster & Gerbil Food is an irresistible food and treat in one that fulfills the daily dietary needs of gerbils and hamsters. It's fun to eat with a variety of shapes, textures and tastes with wholesome fruits, veggies, seeds and grains. This gourmet food has healthy bacteria to support proper digestion and all the essential vitamins and nutrients your burrowing friend needs in his everyday diet.

Key Benefits

  • A festive blend of seeds, fruits, nuts & veggies
  • Advanced nutritionally enhanced daily diet with natural preservatives
  • Loaded with rich, wholesome fun-to-eat goodies, plus ZOO-vital biscuits
  • Fortified with vitamins and nutrients
  • Added beneficial bacteria to help support good digestion

Tropical Carnival Hamster and Gerbil Food - 2lbs