Brown's Tropical Carnival with ZOO-Vital Biscuits Guinea Pig Food is a premium food and treat in one that's made especially for the dietary needs of guinea pigs. It's got everything they love to eat in a mixture of tiny bites that are easy for small mouths to chew. This vitamin-fortified blend is made with all the delicacies your guinea pig loves, including high-fiber Timothy and alfalfa hay pellets, oats, barley, papaya, sunflower seeds, carrots, bananas and baked ZOO-Vital biscuits for an extra treat. Vitamin C is added to support your pet's growth along with probiotics to ensure healthy digestion.

Key Benefits

  • Made with high-fiber Alfalfa & Timothy Hay pellet blend
  • Added vitamin C for a strong immune system and features natural preservatives
  • High in fiber for optimum digestion
  • Includes ZOO-Vital baked biscuits
  • Contains probiotics for digestive health

Tropical Carnival Guinea Pig Food