As cat parents, we know that picky felines can get bored of toys and scratching posts within a few weeks of play—or, worse, become more fascinated with the cardboard box they came in. Luckily, you can revive those goodies with Frisky Spritz Catnip Spray from OurPets. This safe, non-toxic formula contains pure catnip oil that was extracted exclusively from premium North American catnip. Simply spray a small amount onto toys and scratchers to make them more attractive to your feline—this can extend the lives of items your fickle cat might otherwise get bored of. It can also be used to make a new bed or carrier more inviting. Best of all, it's free of any dyes or toxins, so you can trust this pure catnip oil will be safe for your best bud.

Key Benefits

  • Contains pure catnip oil, made only with premium North American-grown catnip.
  • The formula is completely safe, non-toxic and free of dyes.
  • Gives new life to toys and scratchers by adding an enticing, refreshing scent.
  • May make a new bed or carrier seem more familiar, making the adjustment period easier.
  • Catnip offers most cats a feeling of comfort and natural contentment.

Our Pets Catnip Spray 2oz