THE ODOR HANDLER  is a dissolvable powder that can be used for dozens of tasks including odor control, degreasing, bacteria, fleas, stains, and even your dirty towels. Mixes and dissolves into all diluted shampoos or water.


1 Scoop Per Gallon  No 
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  DIRECTIONS: Mix one scoop into one gallon of warm water and let dissolve for several minutes. Apply to pet or effected area and let sit for a few minutes. For use on pets, rinse thoroughly. For use on effected areas, wipe clean with a towel, rag or mop. For use in washing machines, add one scoop per load of laundry. Avoid contact with eyes. 
  INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate
  CARING CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children and pets to prevent unintended consumption.

Odor Handler Multi Purpose Odor remover 1lb