Exercise your canine’s brain with the JW Pet Treat Tower Large Dog Toy. This playful, mind-stimulating activity lets you insert treats in the top that your dog has to work to get out. Treats come out of the bottom as pups shake and wobble the toy, and the difficulty level can be adjusted up as pups learn. Made of tough nylon to withstand rugged play and rough chews, this tower of tastiness will keep your favorite treat-gobbler occupied for hours!

Key Benefits

  • Interactive learning toys makes dogs work for their reward.
  • Difficulty level can be adjusted to make it easier or harder to get the treats.
  • Great for pups who gobble treats and food up too quickly.
  • Keeps your fur-bud occupied for a good, long time.
  • Durable hard nylon stands up to excited bats and exuberant chews.

JW Treat Tower