Meet Our Family


Mark & Nicole Olesen


Mark and I met while working in the pet retail industry 20 years ago!  In fact, we even got engaged working in a pet store together!  Mark and I have always had a love for pets and aquariums.  We have a soft spot for rescuing older/special needs dogs, salt water aquariums and just about anything else that has 4 legs or swims! Mark and I often thought about owning our own pet store over the years.  Well, the time was finally right in 2015 and we went for it! 

Mark has worked in the pet and aquatic retail industry for over 22 years. He has provided aquarium maintenance and setups for 20 of those years for personal and business aquariums around town.

Mark is your fish expert. He is very knowledgeable in saltwater and freshwater fish-keeping and is an amazing resource if you have questions.  Like Mark always says... "I'd rather people ask me a 100 questions than none at all". 

Outside of working, Mark enjoys hunting, fishing, fish aquariums, vacationing, his dogs and family.

I can be seen doing a little bit of everything.  I love helping our customers with their questions, meeting all the dogs that come shopping in our store and taking care of our day to day business tasks. 

In my spare time, I love to travel, hang out with our kids, and work as a nurse. 

Mark and I want to encourage you to stop in and say "hi" sometime!  We look forward to meeting you!



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Super Woman

Meet Christine. Christine is seriously, Super Woman.  She does it all, knows it all and makes sure everything runs smoothly! 

Christine has over 14 years of customer service experience, with eight of those years working in a retail pet store. Christine is known for her expertise with all types of dog breeds as well as assisting customers' pets with behavioral issues and puppy issues.  She is also extremely knowledgeable with all other pets as well.  I'm telling you, she is amazing!

Outside of work, Christine enjoys spending time with her 2 beautiful daughters and her 2 dogs, Stella & Dax.

Stop in sometime to meet with Christine!


Ginger Butterworth

The Encyclopedia on Nutrition

Ginger is your #1 go to person for anything that has to do with pet nutrition or health.  She is AMAZING!  She knows so much about nutrition and overall pet health that I could just sit and listen to her for hours.  It's fascinating!  Ginger is constantly researching for the best products, best remedies and digs until she finds exactly what's going to work.  If she doesn't have an answer to your pets issue (which she usually always does!) she will find it for you! 

Ginger is the glue that holds our store together.  She does all of our ordering and researching products to ensure we ONLY bring you the absolute safest, highest quality products you can get.  Ginger will not bring in the store something edible that she has not tried herself.  If it's not safe for her to eat... it's not good enough for our pets! Ginger is also a certified dog food nutritionist by the Natura Company.

Outside of work, you can find Ginger hanging out with her cats.  She has 2 new little cats name Josie & PIA and she has LOTS of stories to tell about them for sure!  Ginger loves to garden and in the process finds lots of little animals she ends up caring for while they visit her yard.  Ask her about her owls and her duck sometime!



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The Fish Guy

Austin LOVES fish!  It's his specialty and he really enjoys sharing the hobby with others.  He is a great source of information and can help with all of your aquarium needs. 

Not only does Austin love fish, he also loves his dogs and often has rescue dogs he's taking care of.  Austin does a great deal of training and is a great resource for anyone having any behavior issues as well. 

In his free time, Austin and his wife run their own in-home pet sitting service, Lucky Pup Adventures.  He also is very active in the curling league.



Jack of all trades

Kayla comes to us having over 15 years customer service experience with 6 working in a Pet Store. Kayla knows so much about pets and caring for them and has been such a great teacher to our new employees.  Kayla is your go to for nail trims, dog advice, nutrition questions, recommendations on toys and treats and will even test your aquarium water!  

Outside of work, Kayla enjoys spending time with her dog Addy, reading and going to the lake. Kayla's family is very involved in the El Riad Shrine!


The Happiest Person You'll Ever Meet!

Kelsey comes to us having 6 years of experience working in a Pet Store. Kelsey is right there welcoming customers and helping them with any questions they may have with their pets.  She is always smiling, always friendly and is so great with our customers. 

Kelsey keeps a very busy lifestyle with school and work. Outside of work, Kelsey enjoys playing with her dogs, Nala, Prince, Kia and her new puppy Kona and running in marathons.  Stop in and say Hi to Kelsey!


Sales Associate

Meet Luke. Luke is one of our very energetic, outgoing, part-time sale associate. Luke is very eager to learn all there is to know about working in the pet industry. 

In Luke's free time, he is actively involved in his Boy Scout Troop. Luke received a high honor this year and was asked to lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown solider at Arlington National Cemetery. 



Sales Associate

Meet Allie! Allie is one of our helpful associates you may see the next time you stop into Woofs & Waves.  Allie comes to us having 3 years of experience working in a pet store.  Allie enjoys spending time with customers and helping them with any questions they may have with their pets.

Allie keeps a very busy lifestyle with school and work.  Outside of work, Allie enjoys playing with her dog, Jade.  She also enjoys mentoring middle school students, participating in student council, HOSA, and choir.

Stop in sometime to meet Allie!